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Just to keep you in the LOOP, preparations CONTINUE for the Album Meeting on Sunday - last night i did a LOT of work on the DVD Extras... oh yes. As i may have mentioned here before, I'm planning to have a WEALTH of stuff on the CD for use in a computer, and I've got a rather NATTY interface designed to do it with. You know how the current LOOK of the webpages is a typewriter? That, gentle reader, was done back in the last century to cunningly ECHO the typewriter on the cover of "Say It With Words". A SIMILAR idea pervades the design for the on-CD stuff, and will hopefully be exported online too when all is done. Anyway, I'm trying to get a working version finished so's I can take it to Woodhouse Eaves with me on Sunday to show everyone.

The main Big Job to do with it for now is going to be getting some content sorted, so I'm going to try and use the Song Blog to collect correct lyrics and commentary for all the songs on the album. You may, therefore, be seeing a few more coming along over the next few days...

posted 1/4/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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