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Blog: Corks! I mean to say - Crikey!

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When we do our practices Rob usually takes his MP3 player and RECORDS anything new we do, which he then UPLOADS to the interweb so's we can all DOWNLOAD them for REVISION, usually on the morning before the practice as is TRADITIONAL with such things. In DISCUSSION about this the other night Tom confessed that he'd not been able to do this much, as he hasn't got access to a groovy connection, so I said I'd burn him a CD of the latest stuff.

I'm listening to it now. BLIMEY! It isn't half GOOD! I mean, I know I'd probably think that anyway, but it's all so LIVE and ALIVE and full of ENERGY and sounds like it's ACTUALLY BEEN RECORDED BY A BAND. It's dead good! We've now got about 14 songs that we KNOW HOW TO PLAY ready to be recorded - it's a STARTLING INNOVATION for us and no mistake - can we go to Cornwall NOW and get it done?

In other news, we're on the brink of confirming a DEAD exciting gig in Manchester - hopefully we'll be playing at Retrovision at the start of September, a convention for RETRO GAMERS. I wonder why they asked us, eh readers? There's also ANOTHER gig on the cusp of agreement later in the year in the same city, and hopefully something in Hartlepool and Hull also. If anyone ELSE wants us to come play, do let me know won't you? We have a whole LOT of songs we want to PLAY OUT with now!

posted 26/5/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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hartlepool? blimey...

[insert inevitable monkey-hanging joke here]
posted 26/5/2005 by CarsmileSteve

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