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I was up in Leicester again at the end of last week, although this time it was much less for fun and much more for WORK - back again to help with my Old Work, and GOOD LORD i worked hard. I was in at 8.15AM! IN THE MORNING! I then had a three hour training session, did two hours solid PROGRAMMING, had another 90 minute meeting/training session, then coded STRAIGHT THROUGH until 6.30pm! HOLY MOLEY! I never worked that hard when i actually worked there, and all this was in the middle of a STEAMING hangover to boot. Verily, i didst earn my money that day.

And then on Saturday the Filling In My Sandwich and i went to PETERBOROUGH, in order to visit some parents for Mother's Day. Well done us, fifteen points and a special tick. It was LOVELY actually, and after an Sophisticated Lunch we went to have a look round the Cathedral. It was amazing - I lived in Peterborough for most of the time I was growing up, and like all Peterborians must have been to the Cathedral no more than twice in that whole time. It's incredible though - the building itself is awesome, and the area around it is like falling over and finding yourself in Medieval Times. We spent about half an hour just wandering through the windy little streets that surround the grounds, utterly removed from the NOW that was just over the wall, it was magical. So much so that i was actually starting to feel quite proud of my hometown...

Then we tried to go and look inside ANYTHING at one minute past five, only to find the entire city centre was SHUT. Ah yes, Peterborough!

And yesterday i couldn't update the webpage because the clocks changed. Yeah!

posted 31/3/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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