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I saw some ART last night, oh yes! Went to the National Gallery to see the Ron Mueck Exhibition, and it was BRILLIANT. He does non-life sife sculptures that are completely life like - the pregnant woman one, which they seem to be using for all the advertising, is about 10 feet tall, but looks utterly real, so whilst looking at her you keep expecting her to open her eyes and say "Clear OFF!" The best one was a little bloke sat in a big boat "echoing childbirth", apparently, I just thought he was trying to look round the corner to see who was coming in. Everybody in the room had a big GRIN on their faces, it was SMASHING.

This was a DEFIANT return to my original London Intention to see some ART every week, which I rather let go shortly after the Central Line went down. It made me feel GOOD, especially when i EMERGED into a floodlight Trafalgar Square and found myself thinking "London is GRATE!" And THEN i went to Waterloo station and discovered that there's a Moving Walkway down to the tube station, like in an Airport. It was FANTASTIC.

posted 27/3/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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