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Blog: Fame at Last!

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A bit BORED at the moment, and have thus been merrily GOOGLING away to see what thrills are out there, and LO! I discover THIS! It's a proposed list of ZX Spectrum-based ringtones, and HOLA! there's Hey Hey 16K!

I think that's lovely. I absolutely LOVE the fact that Hey Hey 16K caught on with the Retro-Gaming SCENE, and especially the way lyrics from it still sometimes crop up in people's sigs and things. It's funny the way things like this work out with NANO-celebrity. Over the past five or six years of me ROCKING the world in a solo fashion I've got known for a few different songs amongst very different groups of people - the old-fashioned Twee Indie types know "Work's All Right", for instance, whilst "The Fair Play Trophy" seems to be vaguely recalled by some Footie Types. "Bands From London", "Payday", "Easily Impressed" and my version of "Boom Shake The Room" seem to get REMEMBERED from live ACTION too... it's nice really and, just between you and me, i always try and end gigs with a couple of my "hits", just to be sure of things ending OK.

I like gigs, and i like writing songs to play at them.

posted 25/3/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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