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Blog: The RICHES of ROCK

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I have had some dealings with the PRS just lately For a while I have idly wondered when I'd be getting the Legendary £50 for the time Steve Lamacq played "Easily Impressed" last January - that song, and most of the others on Milk & Baubles got played all over the place, but it's pretty much guaranteed that only really major plays will ever register with PRS, and the biggest payout of all is for a Radio 1 play - several years ago it cost £50 to join the PRS for life, and so one John Peel or Steve Lamacq would set you up forever, but now they've raised the membership fee and so it is Less Beautiful.

THUS i contacted the PRS to see what had occured. I must admit I've always been a bit sniffy about the PRS, viewing them as Lackeys Of The MAN, but the chap I've been speaking to this past week has been LOVELY, and a PLEASURE to talk to - it turned out that my forms registering "Easily Impressed" never got to them, so the song was drifting in their database unclaimed and unpaid for. The more i thought about this the more convinced i became that it had actually been a worldwide radio SMASH, and that i would be able to RETIRE on the profits, and when i dropped off my forms this morning (one of the ACE things about living in That London is that EVERYTHING is Just Around The Corner) i was mentally preparing my resignation letter, and trying to decide whether to favour Menorca, The Isle Of Wight, or BOTH with my holiday Villa.

Since then i have been informed that my DUES amount to just £60, but still - this means that, if earnings continue at this level per annum, the album will have paid for itself ENTIRELY on radio plays by the time I'm 63! COME ON!

On the way from the PRS into work I took a short cut and saw some Actual Human Faeces in a shop doorway, but even this could to DENT my PLEASURE to be alive and rocking on this fine morning. Hello world, let us ROCK!
posted 24/3/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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