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I bought a new magazine yesterday - Word. It was BLOODY GRATE, i was AMAZED. I spent a VERY happy, if slightly stunned, 90 minutes coming back from Leicester reading it cover to cover, except i didn't GET from cover to cover because it was PACKED with FACT. The people writing it seemed ENTHUSIASTIC about what they were talking about, and actually seemed to KNOW what they were talking about, and it was FUNNY. It's got DAVID QUANTICK writing in it, which would really be MORE than enough, but it also had an interview with Ian Hislop, and lengthy PIECE about how to be a stand up, and thing about The History of Daredevil which (unlike EVERY article EVER about comics in non-comics magazines) was interesting, correct, and did not appear to say "Wham! Pow! Socko!" at any point... oh, and lots of dead good reviews.

The CLINCHER for me was that it not only gave a lengthy review to the new Mull Historical Society (which is slowly creeping up on my SUBCONSCIOUS, tho does not yet enjoy the warm spot by the fire that the first album does), BUT directly quotes Half Man Half Biscuit to make a point. That's me sold then, but LO! They mention the mighty biscuit AGANE in a (dead good) article about GADGETS, and then give them a whole PAGE in the extra mini-magazine. HOLA!

Maybe i'm going on about it a bit, but after so many years DESPAIRING of ever reading a good music magazine again since "Select" went under, i am CHUFFED to bloody BITS to have finally found one - like the STRAPLINE on the cover says, "At last! Something to READ!"

Writers of Word Magazine beware! You will be INUNDATED with copies of "This Is Not A Library"!

posted 22/3/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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