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Blog: A Good Meeting

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Back up to Leicester last night for the AAS Board Meeting, where as usual we ROCKED, even if we were a bit creaky and out of practice. Main THRILL as far as the world beyond us is concerned (for LO! The Main Thrill for US is usually something fearfully dull to do with Distribution) is that we're going to try and do an AAS 5 Year Retrospective CD Album, featuring (hopefully) a track from every one of our releases. It's actually our 5th Birthday next month, but I think we're just going to take our 5th Year Of Operations as the celebrant, and do STUFF e.g. a birthday all-dayer in DERBY (which should be ACE!), and a launch gig in That London for the album, featuring as many of our bands as possible.

More exciting YET, the all-dayer should feature Goodie Bags of FREE STUFF for all who attend, which will most likely be a really good way of getting rid of the huge piles of unsold stock! Also, the Birthday CD will feature DVD Extra features in the shape of a label chronology, as written by ME. We did have the idea of writing a BOOK all about Our Story, and I wrote four or five chapters for it, but it turned out to be completely unusable. Several cnuts and fcukwits have threatened us with legal action over the years just for Speaking The TRUTH as we (or, more usually, I) saw it but no action's ever been taken... however, if those chapters ever saw the light of day in first draft form i would not be surprised to find us up before the BEAK. So! Expect a pre-watershed version of THAT to make up the backbone, and do feel free to ask me IN PUB for the FULL story...

The only other non-ADMIN thing to note about my visit back to the East Midlands was how ODD it suddenly was to suddenly keep seeing people i knew - within ten minutes of being back I bumped into two people I knew, and as the evening went on the pub filled with more and more of them. I'm back AGANE next week (back for another day at Old Work) and am going to do my best to get to the Pump & Tap, where this event may well be repeated.

posted 21/3/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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