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Blog: Back From Barcelona

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Morning all - I'm back back in the UK, TANNED and feeling GOOD after my very sophisticated MINI-BREAK in Barcelona. Here are the GOOD and the LESS GOOD things there:


  • LOVELY Weather
  • Gaudi Cathedral
  • other cathedral
  • Cloisters with GEESE in the above
  • Fab Harbour
  • Rickety Scary Ski Lift up the mountain
  • Far Out Radio Antennae


  • Almost everybody was REALLY BLOODY ARSEY
  • Lots of spitting
  • LOTS of dog shit everywhere
  • Smelt of piss

    All in all, it was NICE to have a Sophisticate Mini-Break and get a TAN, but maybe we should have gone and got pissed up in a big crowd of people to get the FULL EFFECT or something? Nice to be back home though - now, let us bring the ROCK!
    posted 14/3/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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