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Blog: The Headline Act

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After my wonderment at how WELL all the gigs went On Tour, a reader Mr F A Machine of Derbyshire writes to point out that part of the reason for this was that i was headlining, and thus everyone was a lot more drunkened and up for a SINGALONG than they are at the usual time i go on stage.

This revelation hit me like a plate of spaghetti in the face in a fancy restaurant (cool talk). OF COURSE! For YEARS i have thought "Why on EARTH do people care do much about going on last? Surely it's HOW you play, not WHEN you play?" and the FACT that playing later means a drunker more malleable audience Simply Never Occurred. I knew someone at school who was 22 before he realised that AMBULANCE is spelt backwards on the front bonnet so that it shows up in rear view mirrors, and i distinctly remember the SHOCK and AWE that rippled across his face when he came to that realisation. Now i knew how he felt - something simple and everyday that, surely, EVERYBODY else is aware of, and only NOW was i myself seeing the light!


And while we're talking about headline GIGS, you'll see on the sadly depleted GIGS page that I've just added The Validators' (sure to be) TRIUMPHANT headline slot at the Wood(house Eaves)STOCK festival in December, and a Me and Tom gig in distant IPSWICH in January - yes, Ipswich, your waiting is over! I said I would head EAST, and head EAST i surely WILL! We MIGHT also be playing in Leeds around Christmas time, but other than that the plan for the rest of this year is to GET WORKING on the new material, and then ROCK IT OUT LIVE in the New Year.

Unless anybody wants to ask us to play anywhere really cool, obviously. Or just somewhere HANDY for me on my own. Hey! It's a good plan, but we're not MARRIED to it!

posted 28/9/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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