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Blog: Shouting At The Telly

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Some of my favourite things INCLUDE Shouting At The Telly, Constitutional Politics, and RIGHTEOUSNESS, so last night I was very pleased to be able to combine all three, watching the results of the (AT! LAST!) BAN on fox hunting, alongside the ASTOUNDINGLY biased reporting of it. Apparently that huge mob of arseholes fighting the police was just a small, unrepresentative minority, and everybody else there was really upset that the invasion of the House Of Commons was taking the attention away from what was a really quiet, polite, and civilised gathering. Bearing in mind that the demonstration was in favour of chasing and butchering animals FOR PLEASURE I found this a little hard to take, and when they went AGAIN to yet ANOTHER gormless inbred SHITE saying "This will destroy our way of life - poor us, the countryside will be come a BARREN WASTELAND if we're not allowed to CHASE AND KILL ANIMALS FOR PLEASURE."

ARGH! ANGER! RISING! And then they ALWAYS wheel on some tosser who says "Surely there are more important things we should be dealing with?" failing to mention that this was in the manifesto SEVEN YEARS AGO, and would, and SHOULD have come into law YEARS ago, BUT the House Of Lords kept sending it back to the House Of Commons - THEY are the ones who've dragged it out, but for some reason this never gets pointed out to them. AND! AND! When the demonstraters in the front line were complaining that when they tried to hit the police, they got hit back, wouldn't it have been nice if SOMEONE SOMEWHERE had said "Yeah, but at least they only hit you with a big stick because it's their job - would you rather they ripped you apart with their teeth, just for fun?"


I wonder what the Hunt Sabs are going to do now? As I've said before, Hunt Sabs are, I reckon, the BEST of ALL political pressure groups because they have one clearly defined objective, and they pursue it doggedly, sacrificing their own time AND risking personal injury to carry it through. Perhaps this is why they're one of the few such groups (that I know of anyway), to have actually WON?

They won! WE won! HOORAY!

posted 16/9/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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