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Blog: Me On The Radio

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I've just been talking to the Producer of Raw Talent, the LOVELY radio show which keeps on playing our STUFF. I'm going to be appearing on it THIS Thursday in a LIVE telephone interview, to (ahem) BIG UP the Tour next week, as two of the dates fall within their area. The show itself goes out every Thursday from 7-10pm, and I'll be on about 8.30ish. You can hear it, should you wish to so do, on BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Radio Humberside, BBC North Yorkshire (Radio York) or BBC Radio Sheffield, or you can also listen ONLINE live via their website.

EXCITING, isn't it? Also PROPER: yes, i am doing MEDIA INTERVIEWS before the TOUR. WAHEY!

I'm due in the PUB beforehand for a quick drink with my BROTHERS... hopefully the TOOB ride home will have made me fairly SENSIBLE, eh readers?

posted 14/9/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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