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Blog: Portsmouth HO!

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Right then, I think I've filed, cleared, emailed, finished, posted and wiped everything that needs to be filed, cleared, emailed, finished, posted or wiped, so now I'm off, on HOLIDAY! HOOOOOOOORAH! Me and the Sand In My Needles are off to the ISLE OF WIGHT for the week, as of tomorrow, i can't bloody WAIT! I am UNFEASIBLY excited about it, and will doubtless be going ON about it for weeks to come, much as i have been THINKING about it for weeks just gone. If anyone urgently needs to get in touch, and has my mobile number, i shall be switched on and ready to react, but otherwise send us an email, or get hold of someone at AAS instead. Otherwise, I shall be on the BEACH and/or in the Pool and/or looking at DINOSAURS!


posted 3/9/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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