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It's mixed. Some 31 months after we started, the album is now pretty much DONE - HOORAH!

For LO! last night i was back up in Leicester for the (hopefully) Final Mixing Session. Tim popped in (hello Tim!) for the first half, Tom came by for the second, and Mr Whitaker was there for most of it, checking on Progress for The Record Company. Sort of. And with the three of us sitting behind The Mighty Reverb we got it DONE. Most excitingly, my initial PLAN to put a GTR SOLO on the start of "Things'll Be Different" got 1980-fied with the KORG 707 instead, and it came out sounding Pretty Darn GOOD. After that we SWEPT through "Nothing In Common" and "(insert title here)" to wind things up just around midnight. I left with a CD in my hand and a gawping great "Golly!" in my mind. We'd done it!

Well, OK, we're not there yet - I'm off next week (largely going to BARCELONA! HOLA!) so I'm going to try and get a new CD copy of THE LOT out to everyone. When that's done it's time for a BAND MEETING to sort out running order and any remaining niggles, then it's HO! for Chez Reverb again for the MASTERING SESSION. Or, more likely SESSIONS - there's 18 songs! It's over an hour long! Oh My!

But! This is what we call a MILESTONE kids - it's done! It's finished! And it sounds BLOODY GRATE!

posted 7/3/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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