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Blog: People Who Will Be Severely Censured When A Grateful Nation Hands Me The Reins Of Power: 3

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As noted in point 2, swimming pools are often divided into lanes, sometimes into "Fast" (i.e. usually people doing The Crawl) and "Slow" (breast-stroke) lanes. My current pool has a General Twatting About In lane too, which is a good idea. Anyway, there are SOME PEOPLE who DELIBERATELY go in the Slow lane and do the Slap The Water HARD version of The Crawl, thus BLINDING all and sundry as they (painfully slowly) overtake everyone. If you want to go "Fast", go in the "Fast" lane, ESPECIALLY if you are a bright red-faced middle-aged man who will INEVITABLY attempt to do at least one length doing "the butterfly", and ending up just Slapping The Water even HARDER and clocking several people round the head. GRRR!
posted 24/1/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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