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I went to London's Fashionable Brewer Street last night after work for a "meeting" (NB chat in the pub) about B3TA TV - this is a possible maybe perhaps programme that Those Krazy b3ta Guys might possibly be making, and for which they've asked me to do a BIT. Cool huh? We had a quick chat about IDEAS, and I handed over my CD with some songs which I had written for it. My basic THORT was that it'd be a one minute version of The Monkees or The Banana Splits, with The Validators all working in an office together - No, really, it's funny in my BRANE - where HILARIOUS ADVENTURES ensue from everyday work problems. For instance, someone's computing crashing leads into the song "Ctrl-Alt-Delete". Come back! It'll be good!

So yes, I handed over a CD to Dave From b3ta who's going to have a think about what animation he might do for it, and then we set to a general Pub Chat about... er... NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST. Some of them downloaded THREADS, which I'd never watched at the time and, from what they told me, that was a Very Good Thing. If I'd watched it i doubt I'd have EVER SLEPT AGAIN. It's weird, whenever I've talked to people of my age about this sort of thing everyone seems RELIEVED to be able to mention it, as if we have to go around pretending that the 1980's were an hilarious decade of high-pop and spangles, and not an ongoing grim depression lived in the shadowing of inevitable nuclear destruction. Last night I was VERY GLAD to hear somebody ELSE say, of the claims that Ronald Reagan ended the Cold War, "that's not how i remember it".

ANYWAY, I then headed home, expecting to EITHER walk through a DESERTED LONDON like out of 28 Days Later OR a crazed capital in anarchy as people FOUGHT for a place on battered buses out of the city. Imagine my disappointment to find everything was pretty normal - I guess people either went home at the proper time to get a tube, or had decided to hang around in town a bit and get the bus home, safe in the knowledge that they could have a lie in in the morning.

Not me, however. It's 9.30am and ALREADY i am at my desk! OK, it's my desk at home and I'm doing THIS rather than any work, but GOODNESS ME it's 9.30! I'm NEVER in work at this time normally - does this mean I'm supporting our Brothers In Rail in the SLAVERY of their 35 hour week, or am i defying them?

I don't know. All i DO know is that I've got a bit of work to get done and then there's a DVD of Firefly downstairs with MY NAME ON IT. Let's WORK!

posted 30/6/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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