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It all went VERY quickly at The BBC yesterday - having arrives about half an hour early for the previous two weeks, I got there roughly on time this week, and was WHISKED up to the studio. I said hello to everyone, set my STOOL up (they have very nice chrome stools, quite posh really), and tuned up. Jim The Soundman got me set up, we did a quick soundcheck, listened to a bit of Snow Patrol, and then Steve Lamacq was in my headphones... quick chat (during which, on later listening, i appeared to YAP a bit more than i'd thought, why oh why am i never the LOUCHE SUAVE SOPHISTICATE on the airwaves that i am inside my MIND?), SONG done, then I packed my guitar away and went home!

The funniest thing was that the two people running the show in London were in a bit of a flap, whereas I was, for me, pretty calm and collected about the whole thing. I really enjoyed it I must sa, I was PARTICULARLY pleased with the words this week, I'm going to really miss this after next week, especially the CONFERENCES with Tim The Celebrity Drummer of a Friday evening. I feel like I almost know what I'm on about!

And, in other news, "Hey Hey 16K" appears to be SWIRLING round the Commodore 64 Community of America. No, I didn't know there was such a thing either, but apparently there is, and they've been buying a few records over the weekend, especially the Back Catalogue Bonanza. This has led to the SELLING OUT of the "Born With The Century" single, the very first Validators release. Again, I'm a bit stunned by this fact, especially after having two massive boxes of them in my old loft for YEARS, I thought they'd never go! This leaves "A Church Hall Of Sound" as the last available slice of VINYL in the Online Emporium. There's about 30 of those left, so I guess they'll be available for a while yet!

posted 28/6/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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