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Blog: A Very Happy Birthday to ME

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I had a BRILLIANT Birthday weekend. It started with an ACE morning featuring a vast array of GRATE presents, including the best Birthday Present EVER: the much mentioned UKELELE! I have to say, i have been excited at the THOUGHT of a ukelele for weeks, but it actually turned out to be EVEN BETTER than i ever dared to dream. Truly, this is MY instrument - it was a PAIN to have to put it down and stop playing it! By Sunday I had pretty much learned my first song, which was, of course, Leaning On A Lampost. It's SUCH a joy of an instrument to play, you can't help but GRIN in a George Formby STYLEE and wink at people when you're playing it. EVERYBODY! Get yourself a ukelele NOW!

It's a very STRAAANGE thing to play, as the strings are weirdly diferent from the guitar. Stranger still was playing the BASS on my own homespun version of said Leaning On A Lampost (right click kids!) and having to stretch my fingers about TEN TIMES further to play it! Eeh, it was like FALLING IN LOVE, you just know when it's right... So how BEAUTIFUL it should be that it was given me by The Love Of My Life. The Birthday had got off to the BEST! START! EVER!

And it pretty much continued that way... Off to the PUB in town where we spent a JOYOUS five hours surrounded by PALS and FAMILY, and LO! There was much jollity and Good Vibes going around. I had PLANNED to leave at 6pm, and had PACED myself thusly, which meant that we got home about 7.30pm (OK, it didn't go QUITE go to plan), had a delicious CURRY, and watched [possibly] the BEST! FOOTBALL! EVER!

So yes, all in all I had a lovely birthday, thanks for asking, and on Sunday I loafed about in bed, played my ukelele, and listened to myself on Steve Lamacq. GROOVY!

posted 21/6/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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