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Blog: Back to the BBC

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I NIPPED over to Broadcasting House again this morning, to record this week's version of The Fair Play Trophy. They pre-recorded the show itself yesterday, but waited until today to do my bit so's i could get last night's matches in. I had a bit of a PANIC when I turned up as I'd lost my lyrics somewhere along the way, but HANDILY I'd posted them on the Song Blog before coming to work this morning, just in case, so all was well.

I'd had a bit of a struggle writing them, actually. I wrote the first draft straight after the England game, and played it to the Walls Round My Room, who didn't really like the first verse. THUS i had a HUFF, and posted them to Tim The Celebrity Drummer for CHECKING. He didn't much like the first verse either, so DOUBLE HUFF and ANGST, as the second one was Quite Good, but relied on the first to make any sense... thank GOODNESS for Croatia vs. France then, which suddenly made EVERYTHING make sense again. The new version was sung to the two Above Mentioned, and LO! Joy and Beauty spread around! And if you DON'T want to read the results before Sunday's broadcast... er... don't go and read them!

So anyway, I reprinted the lyrics from the website, then went in and DID them. It all seemed to go pretty well, Jim The Engineer did a VERY clever bit of editing to cover up me completely messing up the end, and it sounded All Right Really. Then I shook hands with all sorts of people, arranged to do a Live Link Up with Glastonbury for NEXT week's show, bumped into an EXTREMELY SNAZZY looking Craig Charles in the lift (he looked SUPER GROOVY, i was most impressed!), and that was that! Now I can RELAX a bit, and see if, once again, they overdub my Calm Measured Singing Voice with a STRAY WURZEL!

posted 18/6/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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