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Blog: More Gigs!

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I've added a STACK more gigs to the Gigs List just lately. I'm playing at the Toynbee Hall on July 30th in That London, as part of the Smelly Ball (now! behave!), and at the Racehorse in Northampton on Saturday 7th August at an all-dayer - although, i tell you, these young people - in MY day an all-dayer STARTED at 11am and carried on ALL DAY, goodness me! This one doesn't start until 4pm! So when do you eat the Princess Charlotte Own Recipe "Veggie" "Chilli" eh? Excitingly The Validators will probably be coming along for this one too, HOORAH!

Then in September I'll hopefully be embarking on the MJ Hibbett/Frankie Machine/Adam Hector Collectors "Heading South For Winter" TOUR! So far we're playing the Hull Adelphi on the 21st, somewhere in Derby on the 22nd, and then the 12 Bar in London on the 23rd, with MAYBE a couple more gigs further North for the start of the JAUNT. We shall see...

And THANKS by the way to everyone who's been FACTing me ideas of places to play - i shall CERTAINLY investigate those East Anglian OPTIONS further, and indeed shall look at Southampton also. Ta!

posted 18/6/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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