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Blog: Shedding Light On The Shed

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A couple of people have said to me "Have you not been updating the Shed Of Renown logo or something? It's not been spinning round very fast has it?"

Well, it's whipped round to 28 in the space of a few days, so I'm certainly not complaining, and I should explain that the Shed Of Renown is ONLY counting people who have bought the new EP through the Online Shop. The first 60 people to buy the EP in THIS fashion will have their names IMMORTALISED in said Shed Of Renown, because they're the people whose names I know! In the THRILL and EXCITEMENT of recent post-gig SALES FRENZIES i haven't had time to stop and ask for demographic details (and we all know how vital and EXCITING they can be, right kids?) and if we get any sales through Amazon or The Shops I'll only know MONTHS from now.

THUS the Shed Of Renown is a special thing for the BRAVE and MODERN users of new technology, and if you'd like to be part of it I'd love to know about it.

Anyone buying the whole back catalogue will also, of course, be eligible for RENOWN, as the package currently contains Shed Anthems... and while we're here, I should mention that there's only TWO copies of "Born With The Century" left now, after which it will be sold out FOREVER, so if you'd like a copy, GET IN now!

Somewhere there is a market stall with my name on it...

posted 17/6/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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