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I've very recently added New Functionality to my contacts database.

WAIT! Come back! It gets better! This PARTICULAR contacts database contains details of everyone whose bought stuff through the online shop, plus the people i sent promo copies too AND, as evidenced by all those graphs a few months ago, a LOG of all the gigs I've done since then end of 1997. The gigs tables include a system for seeing which city I've played in most (London still, with Leicester dropping behind), and i thought Hey! Just For Fun, why not try doing the same for the PEOPLE in the system?

It also struck me that, now i am Actually Telling People About Gigs, this would ALSO be a good way of identifying Interested People who might WANT to know when I'm playing near them... THUS i set to adding aforementioned New Functionality, and LO! An interesting thing appears: LONDON, as well as being far and AWAY the most popular place for Music Biz People to live in (surprise surprise) is also, oddly, the most popular place for purchasers of MJ Hibbett & The Validators material to reside, by quite a long way.

This surprised me, but not as much as the other top places - here's the full list for you, the TOP TEN PLACES FOR KNOWN VALIDATOR FANS TO LIVE:
1 London
2 Essex/Hertfordshire
3= Bury St Edmunds/Ipswich
3= Edinburgh
3= Sheffield
3= Oxford
7 Nottingham
8 Hull
8 Birmingham
8 Leicester

Now, be aware that this isn't totally scientific, and DOESN'T include people who've bought stuff at gigs, but still - Hertfordshire at number two? IPSWICH?!? It is as if THE GODS OF ROCK have sent me a sign! Bury St Edmunds! Prepare to be ROCKED!

Er... so if anyone in Essex, Hertfordshire or the Ipswich area is reading this, and either knows somewhere good to play or can put me/us on, I'd really like to know! Also, while we're at it, anyone in Cambridge, Liverpool or Cardiff, or... er... anywhere really! TA!

posted 16/6/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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