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Blog: London By The Sea

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Saturday afternoon saw me heading off to Brighton, which is like London, but very much MORE so i.e. the bits that were GRATE were really REALLY brilliant, there were some fantastic shops (I am considering going back just to visit Vegetarian Shoes!) and bars and things, but also it seemed to be PACKED with INCREDIBLY smug looking people poncing around showing off. Like London then, but MORE so.

Anyway, I found the venue, then wandered down to the beach to enjoy a light refreshing BEER with Johnny Firebrand (late of John Sims) and Sorted Supremo Dave Dixey. It was DEAD GOOD. Back to the venue to find The Lovely Brothers, who were running the evening, in disarray, for a very Lovely Brothers reason. "The other band's drummer was here, but he's gone to a restaurant with the bass pedal". Nothing much happened for ages, and i got TREPIDATIOUS - there didn't seem to be anyone around, the venue wasn't really ready, it looked very much like i would be playing TO The Lovely Brothers, Johnny, Dave, and the barstaff. URK!

ALSO Everett True, yes him off the Melody Maker in Ancient Time, was going to come ... well, that was the idea anyway. Turns out there had been CONFUSION over the date, and he was going to come on Sunday. We had a nice chat about it on the phone though, and no harm was done, but it was a SHAME not to have got myself TWO former melody maker journo's in the same weekend.

SO YES, i was meant to be on at 8pm, but only really ambled on at about 8.30 to do a very quick, one verse of "I Can See Clearly Now", soundcheck... during which, bizarrely, the room became RAMMED! I don't know what happened, but SUDDENLY the upstairs room was PACKED full of people! Whilst i did my first two songs i was a little AFEARED, as more and more people came in and were TALKING to each other pretty loudly, but soon we were very much in the swing, and by GOLLY it was a good gig!

Except for "Never Going Back To Aldi's" which got a very muted reception. "We don't have Aldi's down here!" someone shouted. Ah!

But yes, the whole thing bloody ROCKED, ESPECIALLY when we got round to "Boom Shake The Room", and i was rather STAGGERED by the reception i recieved. 6 EPs were duly FLOGGED, one was autographed, and somebody else asked me to sign her ARM. Which, of course, i did. ROCK, eh?

Next band Anal Beard were dead good (especially "Will You Buy My Fanzine"), tho i spent a lot of their set outside gasping for AIR as it was terribly hot my dear, and then it was time for me to go and get the last train, THUS seeing only the first two songs by The Lovely Brothers. I'd been FINE about this all night, until they actually came on, and i remembered - oh yeah! I really really LIKE The Lovely Brothers, they were FANTASTIC! I do wonder whether they might be MORE brilliant if they wore SOBER CLOTHING rather than costumes, but whatever, they were COMPLETELY ACE and it was a real pisser not to get to see them. Oh well, there will be another time, i hope.

I headed home happy and KNACKERED!

posted 14/6/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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