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Blog: Feel The FEAR

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I've just spoken to Producer Henry from Steve Lamacq's 6Music Show... it appears he WASN'T pretending, and they DO want me to write four new versions of The Fair Play Trophy... GUMF! Needless to say, I haven't even StARTED on the first week's song yet - good job I'm out tonight, Thursday and Friday night and pretty much all day Saturday, eh readers? I've got a feeling I'll be writing it on the tube on Sunday afternoon...

In other Mr Lamacq News, he played "Things'll Be Different (when I'm in charge)" as the last track on his Radio One show last night - HOORAH! I wish I'd been listening, instead I had Mark Radcliffe on, feeling a bit WEIRD to be, once again, listening to him at bed time.

Also, in a FANTASTIC bid to beat all the other tracklists, how it should be done, the Radio One Tracklist not only misspells my name (surely DE RIGEUR?), but also misses off half the title, doesn't mention The Validators, and has the publishers down as the record label. Wow! Steve himself, bless him, read the names of band and track and label out IN FULL! RAH!

posted 8/6/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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