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Regular readers (i.e. me) may remember that when "This Is Not A Library" came out it coincided with the end of Mr John Kell's tenure on CUR, Cambridge University's student radio station. John has always been a big supporter of our stuff, indeed "Stan" from off of "Milk & Baubles" was recorded in a SESSION for his show, but more importantly his show was DEAD GOOD, and I've rather missed it not being on this past year or so.

So imagine my JOY when I discovered he was making a One Engagement Only RETURN to the airwaves this week, and imagine my GLEE when I finally managed to tune in to the show this morning to hear "The Fair Play Trophy" BOUNDING out at me - HOLA! I must say, that there keyboard solo gets more ACE every time i hear it, hem hem ... the only DARK CLOUD on the rock horizon appeared towards the end, however, when he played "Rinky Dinky" from the CD-R extras section. There has been much FEAR expressed amongst the Validators this week, that the next batch of songs might go even FURTHER towards sounding FORMBY-esque if i DO get a Ukelele for my birthday. Hearing this song made me UNDERSTAND their fears. As if to rub it in, the song was followed by Frankie Machine's "54th & 3rd", sonically the Anti-Formby, but lyrically rather MORE Formby than I could ever manage.

If you're interested in hearing the show (and it's dead good, honest), you should be able to download it from their website from tomorrow, I think. It's John Kell vs. Satan!

posted 7/6/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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