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Blog: Let's DO it!

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Hey! What's that over there to the right of the screen? Is it a ... NEW THRILL?

Why, yes it is - it's the SHED OF RENOWN, for LO! As of right now, "Shed Anthems" is ON SALE! OK, I know it's not released until Monday, but it's not like I'll be able to get to the post office before then anyway, so if you'd like to order it over the weekend it'll be on the way to you on Monday morning. In the meantime, do go and have a look at the SHED OF RENOWN, won't you? It's got more details PLUS a download of (an abbreviated version of) "The Fair Play Trophy". Let's GO!

If you FEAR the workings of PayPal you can now buy it via Amazon too if you like - however, if you CAN use PayPal, I'd advise going directly through the MJ Hibbett Online Emporium still. It'll probably be cheaper, it'll almost certainly be quicker, the CA$H will all come back to us, but most importantly, it will earn you a place on the SHED OF RENOWN!. The idea is that, like the "This Is Not A Library" totaliser, we'll have a constant record here on the front page of how many people are buying the CD. HOWEVER, this time it'll only be counting people buying it throught the shop, and the first 60 of these GALLANT HEROES will have their names ENGRAVED on said SHED OF RENOWN until the day this website ceases to be i.e. A long old time.

Also, while I'm at it, after recent high sales I've altered the Back Catalogue Gift Package so that it now INCLUDES "Shed Anthems". Thus, you can now buy "Shed Anthems", "This Is Not A Library", "Milk & Baubles", "Say It With Words", "Born With The Century" AND "Church Hall of Sound" PLUS two free badges AND a copy of the AAS Compilaton album "No Sales: NO SELLOUT" all for a, frankly, RIDICULOUS price of 26 quid!

I tell you what, if I didn't have hundreds of copies blocking up our spare room, I'd buy one myself!

posted 4/6/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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