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Blog: Some Sales: A SELLOUT!

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It is with GRATE joy that I announce, after six years and one week, the "Clubbing In The Week"/"Only Everything" split single I did with Sienna has SOLD OUT!!!

Wow! This was the first single that AAS ever released, and the main cause of the label happening at all. For years I've looked, sadly, at boxes and boxes and boxes of copies, all lovingly hand assembled in my old living room in Leicester, with the "featuring members of number one hitmakers White Town" stickers appended, hoping this would cause it to be a massive hit... and now they've FINALLY all gone! HOORAH!

Handily, this coincides with Mr Fleay finding a few more copies of "A Church Hall Of Sound" in his LOFT last week, so as one single leaves the available catalogue FOREVER, another returns. THUS, from hereonin, purchasers of the Back Catalogue Bonanza (23 pounds 75 pence for two albums, one EP, two singles, two badges and the AAS Compilation! Including Postage!) will get "Church Hall Of Sound" instead of "Clubbing In The Week". Not for much longer mind you, he didn't find THAT many copies, and there's not many "Born With The Century" left now either...

BUYING FRENZY! Buy now or pay (doubtles) MILLIONS on eBay in years to come! Possibly!

posted 3/6/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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