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Blog: Release Date: Delayed

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There's been a bit of a mix up with the official release date for "Shed Anthems"... it's being distributed to the shops under the watchful eye of Sorted Records, and was supposed to be available from June 7th. Sorted work through Shellshock, who in turn use Pinnacle for their actual physical distribution to the shops. Someone at Pinnacle got a little "confused", however, and got us mixed up with an _actual_ Dance Anthems compilation, and put us on sale for 14 quid, rather than the more adorable fiver it was SUPPOSED to be out at.

This sort of thing used to happen ALL the time, and NOT having to deal with it is one of the BEST things about not having AAS Distribution any more!

I spoke to a very nice lady at Shellshock about it, and she was VERY helpful indeed (and also very tactful about the lack of pre-orders!). She found out that Pinnacle had finally got it sorted out, which means people WILL be able to order via Amazon (and Woolies, bizarrely!), but it'll be delayed... she suggested putting the release date back to July 3rd, and I politely pointed out that that wouldn't be much good for the whole Euro2004 angle...

SO, the single will NOW be coming out on June 14th, NOT June 7th. I guess this'll tie in with the start of the Mr Steve Lamacq GUESTING, also it's nice that I'm am out ROCKING on the 11th and 12th so that, you know, the MOMENTUM will be high, and all that. It's just a bit niggly that we had it all planned since pretty much the beginning of the year to come out on that particular date. HOWEVER! Rather than MOPE around about it, I'm just going to release it online on the 7th ANYWAY! So there!

HA! How d'you like THEM apples eh? EH? Er... i mean, that'll be nice, won't it? I spent much of the weekend setting up systems for sampling and buying the new EP, and I'll be sending a big email out about it later in the week, then bringing it online probably this weekend coming. Anyone who's bought anything online, or who's asking to be on the mailing list will get the email, and if you're not one of those people but would like to be inform, do email me, won't you?

To be honest, it's all i can do NOT to put it online RIGHT NOW!

posted 1/6/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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