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Blog: Noises After Lights Out

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Here in Castle Validator we are all getting ourselves a bit excited, we are not behaving as the cool calm collected grown-ups you might reasonably expect us to be, instead we are like a bunch of GIGGLING SCHOOLGIRLS who have woken up to find their DORM has a new PONY. But, obviously, with beer guts.

For instance, we're talking now about applying to CMJ, that there big music festival in New York. As a long-term Marvel FIEND I am have always wanted to go to Manhattan (to look at the Baxter Building and visit Avengers Mansion etc etc) but have been SAVING it for a special occasion, and I reckon going there to ROCK might be such a thing. Rather than contemplating this in a stern, factual fashion I have instead been nipping into the loo at work, standing in front of the mirror, and going "New York New York! It's a wunnerful town!" and doing the dance.

Whatever you're thinking, it looks dafter than you imagine. Gene Kelly, I seem to recall, wasn't GURNING like a wazzock when he did it.

Anyway, it's all very exciting and GRATE. We've also had our first SESSION request, so I'll hopefully be off to Phoenix FM soon in ESSEX, we've had another gig offered, and this morning I posted off about three quarters of all the promo CDs for "Shed Anthems", so with any luck more FUN and EXCITING things will be happening soon.

Must get on tho, that Pony's not going to braid it's own hair, and Tim won't let go off the grooming brush. TALLY HO!

posted 13/5/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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