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Blog: Another New Song?

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I appear to have hit a particularly rich SONG SEAM at the moment, as there's yet another new song over in the Song Blog now. It's called "Never Going Back To Aldi's" and, actually, I think it's rather good. In real life it is a Fast One with Chorus and all that, I am PLEASED. I've not done the annotations for it yet, nor have I for "Dino At The Sands" but I will soon, honest. I'm trying to get these and a couple of others LARNED UP this weekend, as it happens, as I've got my support to The Validators in Hull on Friday and then the all-dayer in Winchester on Sunday coming up, and I'm going to try and play them then. After a bit of a run of new songs not turning out quite as good as I'd perhaps hoped, I am now ready to start being Cautiously Optimistic about the NEXT album!

posted 3/5/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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