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Blog: Keep Schtum, cushty?

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A sudden flurry of thrills has fluttered across my MIND SCAPE today, but gentle reader I fear I am not at liberty to disclose full details of them to you yet. For instance, this morning I was alerted to a VIDEO that somone has made of one of our songs. It's not finished yet, so I can't show it to you, but it looks ACE, and it was done by someone who runs one of my favourite sites on the interweb, completely out of the blue. I feel HONOURED and full of GLEE to see such a thing, and as soon as I'm able to can BETCHA I'll be putting a link to it right here, as it is LOVELY.

Similarly, I'd love to share with you the PROOFS to the EP artwork, but I think the manufacturers might object to the BANDWIDTH useage. Yesterday i very nearly got far too overexcited and stuck our new press release up here too - it's both impressive AND true, which is something of a first for us - but it isn't quite finished yet, and I would hate for you, gentle reader, to see something Shoddy or Incomplete on these pages. I'd ALSO very much like to go on about some possibilities arising for Actual Publishing, after my RANT last week about PRS, but as nothing has actually happened yet this would, perhaps, be a little presumptuous. I mean, in my BRANE I have dominated the Ivor Novellos, reformed the PRS from within, and built an extra WING onto my MANSION as a direct result of Actual Publishing but, alas, the real world trails sadly behind my BRANE as usual.

So yes, there is much POTENTIAL in the air at the moment. This weekend I intend to ADD to that by putting sticky labels onto the ENORMOUS PILE of jiffy bags i bought yesterday, ready for the Great Posting that will occur when the EP goes off to The Media. I hope not to gibber and froth with excitement all over the carpet too much, but i promise nothing.

posted 30/4/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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