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Blog: Running Order

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I'm not sure if I've put this up before, but just in case, here is the running order for our new EP, "Shed Anthems", which will be available in SHOPS and ONLINE from June 7th:

  1. Things'll Be Different (when I'm in charge)
  2. The Fair Play Trophy (again)
  3. Billy Jones Is Dead
  4. City Centres
  5. The Primal Rhythms Of The Bolivian Nose Flautist
  6. Let The Weird Band Win

... plus nine various alternative versions of the main EP tracks and 14 (fourteen!) otherwise unreleased tracks on the multimedia section, alongside the usual lyrics, loveliness, and full annotations, all for around a fiver. VALUE-RIFFIC!

posted 27/4/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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