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Blog: Taking Off A Rucksak

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This weekend was the Artists Against Success Away Day weekend i.e. me, Mat and Rob when to Hathersage in the Derby Dales to have a Board Meeting and then discuss the future of the label in an unfettered fashion. Coincidentally, we did this in a PUB.

Actually, we did most of it outside of a pub, as it was a beautiful day, and it was GRATE. We had a LENGTHY discussion which produced a rather GRAND and FUTURISTIC idea for a new offshoot label to provide FREE music, which will doubtless be discussed here a lot more in future. The credit for this goes largely to Mr Whitaker, whose RADICAL ideas at one point made it seem like our Heritage Acts (i.e. me and Rob) might get SACKED!! This was neatly sidestepped, and we came up with something Rather Exciting. You can see a photograph of the three of us looking pleased about this on the AAS Website.

After that we celebrated with a RATHER posh meal, which led to a bit of a Rock & Roll Fracas back in out "suite". Suffice to say, half a bottle of mineral water ended up being spilled. I know. We are mad, bad and dangerous men.

There must have been something wrong with what we ate, however, as the next day we were all feeling under the weather. Things weren't helped when we got to Derby to find that Midland Mainline were on STRIKE, so BIZARRELY I had to travel to Sheffield and then DONCASTER in order to get to London - it took bloody AGES and by the end I was feeling a bit tired and sorry for myself... so I wrote a NEW SONG all about it, which I must say is rather nice.

It's called "Dino At The Sands" and it sounds a bit Frankie Machiney to me (INDEED, another Francis Albert gets mentioned in the lyrics) which isn't surprising really as I'd just been listening to the BRAND NEW Frankie Machine album, which is UTTERLY BRILLIANT. I'd heard rough mixes of some of the tracks a while back, which were good, but put all together and finished off it sounds AMAZING, just really really lovely and yes, even better than the first album. It won't be out for several months yet (we're just about to start pushing his American Singles Compilation - yes, I know, GET HIM!), but the wait will very much be worth it.

I also got the mastered version of OUR EP, and I would tell you how groovy that's sounding, but obviously modesty forbids, hem hem. Still, with Frankie AND Johnny Domino forthcoming with new material, it's going to be a GRATE Summer for AAS! GO US!

posted 26/4/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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