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Blog: People Who Will Be Severely Censured When A Grateful Nation Hands Me The Reins Of Power: 2

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Sometimes a sensible swimming pool/gym Management Team will divide up their pool into lanes, and dictate that swimming be done either clockwise or anticlockwise. This is a Good Thing, until the system is ABUSED by Miserable Faced Old Women who INSIST on turning up when it's REALLY BUSY and doing the bloody back stroke. This would be bad enough WITHOUT her stubborn and UTTER refusal to let anybody else by, or to, like, politely stop at the end of a length (like what your more Refined swimmer is wont to do, especially if he is knackered and fifteen Olympians are biting at his ankles hem hem) and let people by. The worst of ALL these chafing mean spirited old gits will also TUT loudly when someone OVERTAKES them, and indeed once i saw just such a vicious old curmudgeon STAND UP and given someone a STERN TELLING OFF for DARING to want to actually use the swimming pool when she was in it. GRRR!
posted 24/1/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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