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Blog: Solid Ground

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Whilst constructing and filling my new CD tower I listened to a brand NEW record, so new that it hasn't even come out yet - it was "Solid Ground", the forthcoming album by Johnny Domino. For MONTHS now they have been sidling up to me, in person and via interweb, and saying "You will like it", and do you know what? They were DAMN RIGHT. It's utterly UTTERLY fantastic - I mean, I love all their records, but this is the BEST yet. If you're interested you can download the first two tracks, "Solid Ground" and "Vocodamol" from their website, but these give but a tiny idea of what a MASSIVE and EXCITINGLY FRIGHTENING album it is.

Or, as I'm sure we will be saying in the press release, "It shits on Franz Ferdinand from a massive height." In a very good way indeed, obviously.

posted 19/4/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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