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Blog: News Roundup

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In other news:

  • My Bristol Uncovered session on Star 107.2 FM with Gary Smith (the one we recorded in my hotel room, where i did "Evergreen") was repeated on Sunday - thanks Gary! For some reason he doesn't seem to have played that mighty version...

  • There's a new GIG in the gigs list - I'm playing in Brighton on June 12th with Anal Beard and The Lovely Brothers. This is wonderful in SO many ways - a gig in a new place! a gig with The Lovely Brothers! massive showing off possibilities in saying "I'm supporting Anal Beard"! massive family-perplexing possibilities in saying "I'm supporting Anal Beard"! RESULT!

  • My gig in Winchester has changed, I'm now NOT playing on April 29th (Chris The Promoter tells me the pub got a "better offer"!), but AM playing at some point on Sunday 9th May at an all-dayer to get a new Land Rover motor for the local hunt saboteurs.

  • I went to see "Shaun Of The Dead" at the weekend. It was utterly utterly BRILLIANT, especially the bit where they meet the "other team" of people, that was FANTASTIC!

    posted 14/4/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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