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Blog: Easter Activities

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BLIMEY, is it back at work time already? Easter ZAPPED by at furious speed, as i was WORKING on the EP pretty much the whole time. The Futuristic Multimedia is all done and is looking pretty flipping GRATE I must say, especially "The Lost Tape", which is 10 songs from about 1997 which got discarded and mostly unheard by human ears. It looks really nice and works really nicely, I am CHUFFED. Similarly the cover is looking groovy too - I had a bit of a panic about the old version of the cover, and so got Mr Fleay to take a picture of his SHED. Beautifully he furnished me with a picture of TWO sheds, and these form the design MOTIF. I'll try and get a picture of it up for tomorrow, so that you ALSO can feast upon its MAJESTY.

Less jolly was my attempt at MASTERING the album - i spent pretty much ALL DAY on Tuesday labouring over this, and got precisely NOWHERE, leading me to have to BEG the aforesaid Mr Fleay, who also did "This Is Not A Library", to do this one for me too. Oh the ignominious indignity of it all! Also, oh the annoying waste of a day's holiday!

Still, it should hopefully all be done and off to the manufacturer's by this time next week, all ready for Official Release on June 7th, and (hopefully) a whole BARREL of Exciting Things to follow!

posted 14/4/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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