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I headed down to the other end of the Victoria Line last night to Bar Lorca, for Kooba Radio's first "Brixtonka" night. It were dead good - I only got to see the first band, The Love Spuds, but they were ace, if a bit BIZARRE. You know the general issue Sixth Form Pop Punk band that you get a lot of nowadays? Sort of like that, but with a BRASS SECTION. How on earth does that happen? "Hey! Let's play short, funky songs - they're easy to write, easy to learn, and fun to play too!" "GRATE! I'll get me trombone!"

It perplexed me, but it was GOOD. It was also quite lovely to see the band themselves very aware of this, and also surprised by it too, bless. It filled me with pleasure to see them, even though I did think "It must be GRATE to be 17 and have loads of GURLS dancing to your songs", curse them. AND they did "Living La Vida Loca" fantastically too. GRR!

posted 2/4/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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