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Blog: Radio Round-Up

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There's been a smattering of radio play around the funky edges of radioland just lately - apparently Andy Richardson, from Radioactive Withernsea 107.3 has took a liking to "Praise the Traffic warden" off of Milk & Baubles (which he got from our Northern Ambassador Mr E Bewsher) and has been playing it on his show. Thanks Andy! Also it seems that we've made it into ANOTHER chart - "You Will Be Hearing From My Solicitor" was the 93rd best song of the year in Eddie Curry's top 100 for Phoenix FM in Brentwood. Thanks Eddie!

I love this sort of thing - knowing that all over the place there's people like Andy and Eddie who are SO ENTHUSIASTIC about music and playing it that they get themselves on air in local stations and play it AT people, especially when (as seems to be the case with Eddie's show anyway) they have to go in for the late night shows just to get the sort of music that they like played. I've met LOADS of people like this in my Travels In Rock, the local radio stations fighting lonely battles against the schedulers who want them all to play the same songs, often clinging on for dear life in the form of centralised SONG TUBES. Ladies and Gentlemen of Local Radio, I SALUTE you!

I mean, I'd write a song about it, but that'd seem like CREEPING, wouldn't it? Wouldn't it? Concept album featuring several library themed songs Eddie Curry, Phoenix FM - Solic
posted 2/4/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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