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Blog: All Them Trimmings

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Being a modern young hepster about town I listen to these interesting new things called "podcasts". You might not have heard of them, they are basically like radio programmes but you get them from off of the internet and they're done by people you either know, or possibly people who other people you know do. They are quite the thing and I for one predict that they will get quite popular.

One of my VERY FAVOURITE podcasts is This Are Johnny Domino, in which Steve and Giles from AAS stalwarts Johnny Domino listen to some of their old recordings and BICKER about them. It is dead good, especially if you are someone who was in a band in the 90s who did lots of titting around on a four-track, as it is VERY MUCH concerned with the daftness of it all. It's also quite good if you grew up with AN ANNOYING BROTHER who is only a few years different in age and INSISTS on being wrong about things in an unending yet AMUSING way.

They have also been developing ENGAGEMENT OPPORTUNITIES for their listeners, including inviting people to send in their OWN four-track masterpieces for inclusion in "The Eternal Halls of The Four Track Gods" and, more recently, inviting us to record our own songs based on a set of lyrics that they found many years ago in a "How To Be In A Band" book. I was INTRIGUED by this idea and so did one of my own and sent it in, and in THIS week's episode - called All The Trimmings - Part 2 because that is the title of the song and it's the second episode featuring people's contributions - they PLAYED it.

I was Quite Excited to hear what they thought because, as I say, it is one of my VERY FAVOURITE podcasts (matched only by I Am The Eggpod really), but also Slightly Afeared. In the past, when that nice Mr S Lamacq was going to play one of our records, he would sometimes email to let me know in advance, and I would ALWAYS think a) "HOORAY" b) "Oh no, what if he plays it on ROUNDTABLE and lots of ROCK STARS say it's not very good?"

It was the same feeling HERE, and this was only increased when the bit with my song in began with a DISAGREEMENT about whether they should even have been playing it at all. "Oh no," I thought, "clearly one of them HATES it, or they BOTH hate it and one thinks it should have been left out!" However, on further listening it turns out that the disagreement was whether my song should have been allowed to JUMP THE QUEUE and be played before some others that had come in earlier. The central argument for doing this, it appeared, was that Steve thought it would be good because I have, and I quote, "lots of followers" who would be commanded to listen to it, and Giles thought this was SELLING OUT.

This news pleased me NO END. I mean, obviously I had sent it to them because I thought THEY had loads of followers who would listen, feel compelled to seek out my other stuff, and I would finally be able to sell the last 100 unsold copies of Say It With Words, but still, it was nice that they THOUGHT such things! It was also lovely when they went into a discussion about the Venn diagram of people who like THEIR stuff and MINE, coming to the conclusion that this contained ONE person i.e. Mr Frankie Machine. I would disagree, not least because I would put MYSELF in that category, but then I got distracted from such thoughts because Steve started talking about going to Indietracks and seeing people asking to have their photograph taken with me (THIS HAPPENED!) (MORE THAN ONCE!) and I remembered how much FUN that all was.

Anyway, apart from all that there is PLENTY more DELIGHT to be had from the show, which is an unofficial ARTISTS AGAINST SUCCESS special with tracks by them and also Frankie Machine too, and I would HIGHLY recommend - NAY, COMMAND - that you go and have a listen, whether or not you are one of my "loads of followers" or not! Like and subscribe!

posted 24/5/2024 by MJ Hibbett

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Podcasts? I just can't listen to them. They're overlong, meandering, self-indulgent, and would benefit from careful editing down to half the length. So, just like this blog, really.
posted 28/5/2024 by Is that Dave Winer guy still podcasting about how he invented podcasting?

"You've got podcasters, mate" link.
posted 28/5/2024 by just another exLondon expodcaster

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