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Blog: A Great Change In The Force

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A couple of weeks ago I UNVELIED the cover and title of a new compilation set to be called "Oadby Wan Kenobi". The general IDEA was that it would be a FREE GIFT to celebrate the 200th issue of our newsletter, The Last Working Day Of The Month, what is due to come out next month.

Since then, however, my THORTS have changed - all, I believe, in a GRATE way. What happened was that I started going through the various tracks I'd assembled, re-mastering and occasionally mildly editing some of them, and then working out a running order. Whilst doing that I found myself thinking "Hang on, this is actually pretty good". I mean, OBVIOUSLY this is a) hugely modest of me and b) true of ALL my mighty OUVRE, but I was Quite Surprise by how much I was enjoying listening to these tracks, partly because I hadn't heard some of them for over a DECADE but mostly because the running order was working so nicely with the instrumentals spaced out across the tracklist.

The more I thought about it the more I realised that I'd like to UNLEASH it a bit more widely, so that the tracks could be heard by ALL. Yes yes all right and I also had daydreams of songs like Alan getting onto TIKTOK and millions of wholesome teens working out choreography WHAT OF IT. However, I very quickly realised that there was a big problem with doing this i.e. it was called "Oadby Wan Kenobi" and the cover used an actual picture of Ewan McGregor slapped onto a screenshot off of Google Street View. Quite apart from the fact that I do not want to annoy DISNEY - owners of both Doctor Doom AND Donald Duck - I was pretty sure that emubands, the people who I use to upload my stuff to streaming services, would also have some problems with this.

THUS I made TWO fateful decisions. Firstly I went the whole hog and revised the title to something even DAFTER but less LEGALLY PROBLEMATIC, and secondly I conducted a PHOTO SESSION to prepare the BELOW as the brand new and revised cover for the album which will now be called Oadby Wonky Knobby.

This new version should be UNLEASHED on all streaming services on Tuesday 30 April, which is when the 200th edition of the newsletter will be out, and it will ALSO be available as a Pay What You Want download on our Bandcamp page, so that those in the KNOW can still get it for free. I hope everyone will be DELIGHTED by this new turn of events - I know I certainly am - and I look forward to a) the aforesaid legions of teens "body popping" to Open Top Bus Tour and b) George Lucas getting in touch about a new Disney+ series about someone (ME) trying to Project Manage updates to Empire security systems.

posted 5/4/2024 by MJ Hibbett

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"He's giving it away for free!" "He'd have to!"
posted 5/4/2024 by I have a bad feeling about this.

Lucas sold the franchise to Disney, and has no involvement in the franchise or TV shows. You'll need to petition Leslye Headland. Appearing as a white male in a show about the Empire, which is filled with white males, seems like a long shot in this day and age. I do wonder how ANDOR got greenlit, and whether they'll make a sequel to it called NOTXOR.
posted 7/4/2024 by Dank Lord of the Siff

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