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Blog: Shed Anthems

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I think we're pretty much decided on the title of the next EP: SHED ANTHEMS!

This came about initially through the Heart Of My Joy and I talking about it on Saturday morning, and her suggesting "something like those Garage Anthems albums". Obviously "Terrace Anthem" sprang to mind, and I eventually realised that you don't have garages on a terrace,you have a SHED. So there we go. Also Tim points out that we will "shed" a couple of old songs that aren't otherwise available on CD, and Rob says he "shed" tears when he saw the title... I think he was trying to be rude though. Bad Rob!

Anyway, that's the title, and here's the cover:
[image removed due to TIME]

It looks less grainy in real life - it's meant to be similar to "Milk & Baubles" see... Anyway, that's that done, all we need to do now is record it eh?

posted 3/3/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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