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Blog: Excitement: Mounting

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Today I bought an A-Z of Glasgow (also featuring Motherwell, handily enough) in preparation for The Scottish Tour, and I must say I'm getting RATHER excited about it. OK, a large part of this is because I realised I might get to have a go on the Glasgow Underground, but also for ROCK reasons. No, honestly. I wrote out a list of songs the other night, which tonight I shall have a quick check through, and then it'll be time to PACK and get going. I'm off to Leicester tomorrow night to record the basic tracks for the EP, then I come back to London in the morning, cross the road over to Kings Cross, and head NORTH!

I've also STOCKED UP on BOOKS. Er... i mean, bottles of Jack Daniels.

posted 3/3/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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