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As threatened last time, the first episode of VIRTUAL Totally Acoustic is now online and ready to ROCK, right HERE:

It features Uke Fatbarsteward, David Leach and Helen McCookerybook and, as it says in the video, if you liked their stuff please go to their bandcamp pages (linked to in their names above) and buy some stuff, as they are GRATE!

It's also got me in it, recorded yesterday, and OH MY but that was a nerve-wracking experience, not least because I was doing a RE-WRITTEN version of Mental Judo which I REALLY wanted to get right. I think I got through it all in one piece, although there are still a couple of cock-ups, like saying David had come from Bristol, not Cardiff, and ESPECIALLY trying to do the looking to the SIDES thing, in the expectation that it would look AMAZING if I could do Powerpoint Transitions between me and the acts. It didn't, so I took it off!

These are all lessons to learn for the next show, which is currently planned to be out next Wednesday (April 2), with Goddamit Jeremiah, The Spearmint Sea and one other. I've seen the videos so far and it is going to be ACE!

posted 25/3/2020 by MJ Hibbett

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