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Blog: A Whole New Season

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On Saturday morning I was off out again on the East Coast Mainline, this time heading to Peterborough. I was there to meet Mr P Myland and his associates for my first trip to London Road of the footballing year, with Posh playing Ipswich. I read beforehgand that they were bringing 4,000 supporters with them, most of whome seemed to be getting off the train next to mine, and later on there were MILLIONS (approx) of them marching down Long Causeway, singing away. It was Quite Exciting!

On the way my phone was buzzing with Whatsapp messages as the meeting place changed from The Brewery Tap to The Ostrich (AKA Bogarts) to The Bumblebee as each place filled up with Ipswich supporters, which worked out nicely for me as The Bumblebee is LOVELY. We loafed around there for a while and I was amazed to find that this group of chaps now contains ONE person who commentates for BBC Radio Cambridgeshire and another who is part of the team looking for a new ground. It was like being in the Peterborough United ILLUMINATI!

Mileage had moved his season ticket so we were sitting together, right down near the front in seats which a) had a GRATE view b) were in very easy range for shouting at the Linesman but c) had clearly been installed at a time when the height of the average Fenlander was about 4'11". My poor old KNEES are STILL hurting, especially from when the rather LARGE gentleman in front of me would sit back SATISFIED after making a pronouncement upon the game. OW!

The actual FOOTBALL seemed, to me, to be much the same as ever, although there were some THRILLS from the goalie who DROPPED the ball in the first half to let in a ridiculous goal but then saved a PENALTY in the second half, forcing approx 6,000 Peterborians to suddenly decide they had liked him all along. It ended up 2-2, with Ipswich scoring an equaliser in the very last minute of extra time. As I say, pretty much the usual sort of thing.

There was time for one last pint and then I was heading home, but I would be returning - in two weeks time in fact, when we play Sunderland. Mr Myland assures me that this time we'll have seats designed with modern knees in mind!

posted 21/8/2019 by MJ Hibbett

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