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Blog: The Review Show: The Boys, I Am Mother, Get Out and Blinded By The Light

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I love the IDEA of watching films, especially now that I have Netflix and Amazon a.k.a. ALL THE TELLY, but I always think that I don't have the time, especially now that they are regularly about two hours long. HOWEVER I am also conscious of the fact that I tend to watch at LEAST two episodes of Whatever Show I'm Bingeing At The Moment and, in the case of "The Boys", three and a bit until I am unable to stay awake any longer.

"The Boys", by the way, is BLOODY BRILLIANT - what a world we live in, where TELLY has caught up with COMICS so much that it can not only do the Dark Commentary On The Genre that comics did in the 1990s, but do it WELL to such an extent that you just take for granted all the special effects that, only a few years ago, would have been beyond them. ALSO I am very pleased that I simply didn't bother reading any of The Cool Comics of the past 20 years or so, as it means that I get to watch "The Boys", "Umbrella Academy", "Preacher" and "The Walking Dead" without a CLUE what's going to happen!

ANYWAY, the point of this was to say that I basically DO watch nearly a film's worth of telly most days, so thought I'd have a go at watching some. ALSO The Clips In My Trailer was away on Friday night, so I had to do SOMETHING to take my mind off the existential loneliness. HENCE I sat down and watched "I Am Mother" on the Netflix. Here is my review: It was Quite Good. I'm pretty sure it could have been half an hour shorter, and there were several times when I thought "Hang on, why are you doing THAT?" but it passed very pleasantly, also Quite Excitingly.

The second film I watched, the next day, was "Get Out" and that was BLOODY BRILLIANT. I spent the first half thinking "EEK this is TOO TENSE, I can't watch any more!" and then the next quarter going "You WHAT? ARGH!" and then the final bit basically applauding how EXCELLENT it was. It reminded my of "Back To The Future" in a lot of ways (NB I may be the only person to think this) because of the SCRIPT which was, not to mince words, EXQUISITE. Every single AMAZING TWIST was very carefully, very cleverly set up in such a way that you never saw it coming but, when you did, your brain went "Hang one, how did that... OH YEAH!" There's a reveal towards the very very end about why some characters act the way they did that made me want to IMMEDIATELY watch the whole thing all over again. It was AMAAAAAZING!

And then on Sunday I went to the Actual Pictures to watch "Blinded By The Light" as we'd seen it on The Film Review on the news channel and it looked good. Review: IT WAS! It was very obviously directed by the same person who did "Bend It Like Beckham" and there were LOADS of places where they were clearly doing something Just Because It Was Cool rather than for narrative purposes, and lots of the supporting characters were JUST supporting characters, but the main plot was EXTREMELY MOVING - almost as if the story of a boy growing up in a nowhere town in the 80s who wanted to be a writer had some sort of RESONANCE to me, who can say? ALSO for the first time in my life it made me understand why so many people I know LOVE Bruce Springsteen so much. He's sort of like an American Billy Bragg isn't he? I have bought the soundtrack album anyway, so will give it a go - I hear he does a version of our song "Glory Days", so he can't be all bad.

In summary then: FILMS! they range from quite good to AMAZING, and therefore are worth a go every own and again!

posted 12/8/2019 by MJ Hibbett

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Every own and then?
posted 15/8/2019 by

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