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Blog: Viewers' Vote

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I think it's time to CLOSE the Judge's Vote for songs to rerecord... largely because nobody else has voted for ages, so we might as well call it DONE! The four songs that have been chosen as candidates for rerecording are thus, in alphabetical order:

  • Down The Narborough Road
  • I'll Never Drink Again
  • I've Pulled
  • The Primal Rhythms of the Bolivian Nose Flautist

    One of these songs was very obviously chosen for "comedy" value because of its name... you'll probably realise which one (it's not the one you might think...) when you HEAR them. They'll be up and online on MONDAY, promise, hopefully with WORDS and histories too! Let's ROCK!

    posted 30/1/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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