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Blog: Studio Wayne McGregor

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I left work slightly earlier than normal on Tuesday to head back to The Olympics Where I Live for a TOUR and a TALK as part of their Neighbourhood Engagement STUFF. I wasn't that interested in being engaged with, to be honest, but I always enjoy a bit of a NOSEY ROUND!

It was all happening at Here East the ENORMOUS building that used to contain the WORLD of Broadcasters covering the Olympics and now contains various technology and ARTS companies. I was quite excited about getting there on the Here East Shuttle Bus which I see buzzing around, but when I got on it I was told that I'd probably be quicker walking, as there was a West Ham game on so lots of roads were closed and there was HORRENDOUS traffic. Curses!

I thus set off stomping at HIGH SPEED, which did mean I was able to meet The Steps Of My Stroll on the way, and together we went into The University Of Loughborough's SUPER SNAZZY reception area, where there were DRINKS and SNACKS! We then got taken round the corner to have a look at Studio Wayne McGregor. It's a DANCE studio and is EXTREMELY impressive. Here East is made up of SUPER GINORMOUS great big HANGERS, and inside this one was AN ENTIRE OTHER BUILDING that they'd put there, containing TWO of the biggest dance studios in EUROPE and various other facilities. As ever I was a bit CYNICAL about it to start with, but was won over by how FAB it looked and how ENTHUSIASTIC the guide was. The only worry, as the aforesaid Voices In My Gallery pointed out, was that you could hear EVERYTHING that people were saying EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE in the building. Luckily DANCE and the Arts in general are REKNOWNED for their total lack of gossip and bitchiness, so I'm sure that's FINE!

We went back to the University of Loughborough reception to snaffle some coffee and cake, and then got led into a Lecture Theatre for a Panel Discussion about The Area. We went to one of these back in the Spring (mostly so we could go on the West Ham TOUR) and it had been a similar mix to this one of Fair Enough Questions and Generalised Moaning. The main difference this time was that one of the panelists looked EXACTLY like Phoebe From Friends. It was MOST distracting and I was HIGHLY tempted to ask her to sing "Smelly Cat".

I did NOT do this thing though, which was probably for the best. Apart from that distraction the whole event was HUGE fun, and we were able to walk home through the PARK. I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but I really REALLY like living where we do!

posted 22/9/2017 by MJ Hibbett

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