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Blog: Tying The Knot In Notts

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On Saturday I was in Nottingham, there for the wedding of Mr & Mrs A & L Handcock Hale. I wasbooked in at the Ibis, where there have been some CHANGES i.e. they don't have a check-in desk anymore, just some people in t-shirts hanging around in the lobby. Banks have done this too, and it seems a bit mad to me. Surely having a DESK means you know where to go, staff can keep all their info to hand and, BY CRIKEY, you can have a proper QUEUE. I expect this to be TOP of the list of things that get sorted out post-Brexit, along with 5 billion quid a minute extra for the NHS and a land invasion of Majorca.

Anyway, apart from that everything else was very much the same as ever. I was allocated My Usual Suite, desposited my bags, and then headed out across town to the reception venue. It was at The Canal House, which I only needed three goes to find (including one attempt where I could SEE it, but could not cross a WATERWAY to get to it!), and eventually got in to find THE GROOM looking happy if BAMBOOZLED by all the EVENTS he had undertaken over the previous 24 hours: pretty STANDARD for the occasion, I reckon!

What followed was a DELIGHTFUL evening that, for me, was a sort of mini-Indietracks with everyone dressed up POSH. There was a TONNE of lovely people there to chat to, also some GRATE bands - they'd booked the fantastic a) Thyme Machine b) Simon Love & The Old Romantics to play, although these were BOTH slightly overshadowed by the activities of The Best Men, a BESPOKE band featuring Alex singing COVERS. It was a glimpse into a future where we have all bowed to sense and formed covers bands - every time anybody in an indie band DOES something like this it is always AMAZING, it's a wonder what you can do when you (and the audience) know the songs already!

Other exciting events included myself and Mr R Kirkham persuading Mr K Foster to play at this year's Hibbettfest (we used the cunning tactic of ASKING him), Mr S Love showing us one of the NEW One Pound Coins (he had sourced it via the cunning tactic of getting it in his CHANGE) and, best of all, the VAST buffet. When it was being put out I saw signs saying "Vegetarian" and "Vegan" and thought "Aha! Those are the sections I shall aim for" but did not realise until later that EVERYTHING was either V or Vg! HECKERS KNECKERS but I stuffed my face full of food... and then had to do it all again when the desserts came out. When I eventually staggered back to my hotel room I was FLIPPING STUFFED, I kept rolling off the bed so ROUND had I become!

It was, all told, a flipping LOVELY evening for a DELIGHTFUL couple - well done everybody, well done INDEED!

posted 3/4/2017 by MJ Hibbett

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