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Blog: Jamaica?

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Did you hear it then? I spent a very pleasant afternoon in the kitchen today waiting for Our Bit to come on Steve Lamacq's show, FIELDING text messages from various pals asking when it was going to come on. Eventually it DID, and MY! the confusion! There I was, sat in the kitchen in Leytonstone, listening to MYSELF, LIVE in a studio on the other side of London?!?! What Strange Magic be this eh?

Anyway, it sounded DEAD GOOD i thought, especially Boom Shake The Room and ESPECIALLY especially the bit where i went WRONG and dedicated group of singers FILLED IN for me - I'm not sure if it's going to be on the Listen Again thing at all (it doesn't get mentioned anywhere on Steve Lamacq's page at all), but I've taped it anyway, so you can always come round to mine to hear it, i guess.

Except for that "remark" about "Jamaica" at the end. I'm sorry - I was TRYING to go for the Obvious Gag, but MESSED IT UP. I felt embarrassed at the time, and I feel embarrased now. In my defence, Mr Lamacq just SAID it at my, i knew not what was going on. Other than that tho, a pretty ROCK way to start the New Year - HOORAH!

posted 1/1/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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